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I wrote this book for all us who neither have the time nor the inclination to read many books these days, yet nonetheless aspire to do something magnificent at least once in our lives, such as completing a full marathon race. We may have even purchased magazines, training guides, athletic gear, and gym memberships, all in support of such an endeavor - but have just not found the right program to make it stick among daily pushes and pulls that time flexes over our lives. For all of us, this guide is here to help.

I also welcome your feedback and reviews - what you liked, what I could improve upon, what lingering questions you might still have, etc - and will attempt to weave those in to the second edition. Please do let me know ..

Topics: Exercise, Goals & Aspirations, Inspirational, Witty, and Guides

Published: Daniel Alick on
ISBN: 9781465886965
List price: $3.99
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