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How to Manage Your Start up Business

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Entrepreneurs Brief Guide - Volume 2. How to Manage Your Start up Business.

This e-book consists of twelve “Entrepreneurs Brief Guides”, addressing all you need to know about managing a new start up business. It contains independent and practical advice for entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses (SMEs). Designed to help your business achieve its primary objectives of growth and profitability through acquiring and retaining customers, this guide is invaluable to any start up company and small business owner.

Learn how to: (1) Manage Legal Issues, (2) Purchase, (3) Negotiate, (4) Price Your Products and services, (5) Prepare Your Budget, (6) Manage Your PR, (7) Write an Advertisement, (8) Manage Direct Mail, (9) Improve your sales, (10) Manage Credit Control, (11) Care for Your Customers and (12) Benchmark Your Business.

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