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Ghost Hunting Diary Volume III

155 pages2 hours


Turn out the lights, stoke up the fire, and enjoy another set of true spooky tales from the cache of T. M. Simmons' ghost hunting diaries.

Curious Capers of the Calvert Ghosts, Parts One and Two, are tales of true supernatural encounters in a haunted bed and breakfast in Calvert, Texas. Great-Grandpa and the Horseless Carriage tells of a meeting with one of the prominent members of Texas history, close to his beautiful historic home, Griffith Homeplace. Attack of the Evil Pickup is the true story of the first time Simmons ventured into the infamous Goshen Cemetery in East Texas. Sad Little Skateboard Ghost is a residual haunting tale (at least, Simmons hopes it is). How I Met My Haunted House is the story of how Simmons began to realize her home was, indeed, haunted by several paranormal boarders. Carl's County Farm relates the story of how Simmons and fellow paranormal investigator, Angela Rogers, banished a demon that was torturing and killing animals on a friend's farm.

Simmons has again included some additional information about her life as a paranormal investigator. In this volume, she tells you what she carries in her ghost hunting vest. Also, you will finally meet Timmy Smith, her Paranormal Gear Tech.

Finally, she has added a chapter of her forthcoming dark paranormal suspense, Winter Prey to close this volume.
Perhaps you will be able to turn out the lights before you go to sleep after reading these tales. Perhaps not.

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