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The Friendly Ambassador: Changes

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The Friendly Ambassador: Changes

Length: 393 pages6 hours


Gusta and Didi are at last re-united with their children. But being confined all together on the Gate of Heaven has unforeseen changes as friend and foe are all forced to associate with one another as equals for the first and only time.

For the Seventy-Ninth of the Telen'Gal, association with the enemy brings with it wisdom, and the final understanding of the error his people have made.

Scyleia wants to save one of the clones that have fought so hard on Klysanthia. And when she learns that Tai-Gil was one of the few survivors to escape alive, her need to bring the Androktone on board becomes a fixation.

And for the clones themselves, the perfect warriors, association with the enemy brings an even greater threat, and perfection soon becomes a blurred and longed for image of the past.

In space, Peleus strives to make Lysippe his, but his efforts are hindered by fate, and then by Pantariste who also announces her interest in him. And as a Matriarch, she is not to be denied easily.

“The Friendly Ambassador: Changes” is the third part of a four part galactic epic that mixes Science-Fiction with Greek Mythology and the legend of Atlantis.

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