One day Americans woke up, surveyed the wrecked landscape of their government, and saw that something was terribly wrong. Without knowing what had happened or how it happened they said, "Let's take back our country," unaware that the country they wanted to "take back" no longer exists.

"What happened to our Republic?" "How did it happen?" "When did it happen?" "Who's responsible for it happening?" and "Can anything be done about it?" are answered in "Dismantling The Republic." The answers will shock those who have imbibed a revisionist and politically correct history of the American Republic, believing it was a "democracy." They will learn that "democracy" was repugnant to the Founding Fathers and the Republic of 1787 ceased to exist a century and a half ago.

The ideas in "Dismantling The Republic" may be called "radical," but they are in good company. The British applied that same derisive pejorative to men like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Benjamin Franklin, the same men who gave us the Republic in 1787.

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ISBN: 9781466085480
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