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Dreaming Dark

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Dreaming Dark is a tale of reincarnation, lost love and a twisted serial killer. The story of Kyra and Panos and their tragic end in Minoan Crete is played out again in present day Dallas. Cate O'Connor, Dallas psychologist has clairvoyant dreams that can foretell the future. She hides this ability as she believes no one will understand. She begins having flashbacks to an ancient time. Mitch Stafford, paranormal investigator meets Cate at his book signing and the attraction is instant. In the meantime Cate is stalked and a patient, her maid and then her ex-boyfriend are murdered in a bizarre cult like killing. Mike O'Meara, homicide detective believes that Cate will be next. Mitch decides to take Cate out of town to protect her, but before he can do that he is assaulted and Cate kidnapped. Cate awakes, naked tied to a table in the basement of a church. How Cate escapes is the stunning conclusion to this edge of the seat tale. In the epilogue everything becomes clear as Cate explains to O'Meara this bizarre senario and the intricate relationships involved.

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