Light a candle and pray to one Original God only.
No scriptures, no complicated methods, no mantras, no cost, time or places of worship or religion are required to talk with one Highest God. It can be done by anyone, anywhere and anytime, free of charge is the ultimate truth author is revealing after author met one Highest God in his 18yrs journey in search of God which finally melted God to disseminate new and original knowledge to author to disseminate to the entire World.

Without a physical body how God communicates with human beings is explained. Jesus Christ was never crucified and mystery behind crucifiction is explained with errors in Bibles, Koran and Gita explained.

18 reasons for the downfall of our world living standards are compared leading to the downfall of the time space cycle and descent of Highest God on Earth to start Paradise. Devotion or false worship of various entities have been analysed with their limitations exposed. India is one beautiful Country where maximum false devotion is prevalent and has resulted in decline in worship, values and living standards due to false myths and beliefs which will all disappear before Paradise starts from India.

Knowledge of past present and future missing, difference between knowledge and devotion, Ram Mandir, false beliefs of deities and demi-Gods, conspiracy, false caste system, vices, different yugas or epochs, lack of purity of food, divided societies, foreign invasions, difference between heaven and hell, blind worship will end, religions will disappear, mixed up prayers, different languages.

Published: Dr Mukesh Chauhan on
ISBN: 9781465837646
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