From Love to Sex and Back Again
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Victims of childhood molestation struggle with intimacy in their adult relationships. This collection of 24 poems introduce you to a world of extremes, love and lust co-existing in the life of the injured being. The reader is introduced to the life of a juxtaposed personality. Love, is redefined in a world of constant infidelity. Intimacy is tortured. Trust twisted. Yet, within the miasma this being travels, there is a moral underpinning which resonates deeply throughout the journey of each poem.
The book opens with "Morning Kiss" a tender piece paying homage to a life long love. Beware, this sweet decoy is the Pandora's Box the author has set to unleash upon the unsuspecting reader. The very next piece "Cinematic Remembrances" shows the authors style, the imagery painted vividly. The words easily transport you to that moment in the author's experience. Quickly, the sense of easy and tranquility and safety and love the reader is experiencing gets challenged with "Distance" and "Convenient Inconvenience." The staccato nature of the relationships begin to emerge. Who is this lover being professed? Why do the words speak of true lasting love? The titles contradict the words written. The crux of the struggle is exposed in the next series of poems. There is an unsettling realization regarding the relationships. As the reader understands that each poem may be about multiple trists. It's unclear. Purposefully. And as the reader debates, the struggle intensifies because there seems to be true love involved in each profession. "European Afternoon," "Rhythmical Fantasy," and "Dumb Hearts" capture these qualities. By the time the reader reaches "Three Wide Rivers," "BOO" and "Jailhouse Rock," you realize Pandora's Box is empty and has spilled upon the pages. The out of control life we are privy to witness exposes the darkness--exposes a life in free fall.
The collection culminates in a flurry of four pieces that gives hope of a "re-birth." In "Mendocino Love" the author presents a turning point. The style and tone of the piece is similar to the opening piece, "Morning Kiss" in that it seems to have a purity of purpose in the profession of love. A "going home" of sorts. "Fearing Love," "Laughing Illusions" and "Manipulator of Truth" speak of finding truth, by speaking truth. There seems to be an awakening occurring. This is validated by the last (and title) piece "From Love to Sex and Back Again." More of an essay then a poem, the author puts the whole issue and question on the line. By speaking out publically, voicing the molestation, it is a beginning and a way to put the top on Pandora's Box for good. A way to find true intimacy and love.

Published: Robin Peters on
ISBN: 9781465701121
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