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How to Find Your Soul Mate

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Finding your Soul Mate, fact or fiction? For many of us trapped in a thankless relationship or sitting alone on a Saturday night it seems like a long forgotten fairy tale, the stuff of dreams, not real. After all true love is just found in the movies isn’t it?

Wrong. YOU can find a Soul Mate. Any of you reading this book can find that special someone who understands you, appreciates you and truly fits into your lifestyle. YOU can share a future with your soul mate. Any one can. “But...” I hear you say, “but” nothing. Take this one fact on board. There is not a global conspiracy that says you have to be unhappy, the world is not conspiring to say you have to live alone, or be lonely, there is a special someone for anybody ‘out there;’ there are no “buts”. You can find a soul mate, but you have to be one first. And this is where this book comes in.
Many of the reasons women are unhappy in their relationships is because they attract the wrong sort of person. The relationship ends, and they attract another mate of the same caliber. Same old, same old cycle. You have the power to break that cycle.

The first thing we will be dealing with in this book is how to recognize and move on from your past troubles and relationships so you can start attracting the right person. Next we will look at who would truly be your type of soul mate. Then we can help you get over insecurities and fears that may hold you back from meeting him.

A huge complaint from women is that men just don’t want to commit. This is a mythical statement made by lonely women. Your soul mate will want to commit to you because you will be able to commit to him. Learn to recognize the signs of a real relationship. A real relationship that is based on a genuine sense of sharing between two people who care about each other. If your partner is commitment phobic, then he is not your soul mate. Go back to chapter one and learn to move on.

Finally, you have found your partner, but how can you tell if he is the ‘right’ one? How can you tell if the relationship is going to last? What if you are wrong? What if he is the wrong one? How can you turn the glow that hits us all in the first three months of a relationship into a long lasting flame? It can happen, it does happen, and it can happen for you. This book will tell you how.

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