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King Dong-an American satire

55 pages53 minutes


A young, mid-western geologist, Virgil Winkleman, discovers a curious drug in the jungles of Venezuela. Christened "Yerba Priapismo", the herb induces a gigantic erection in its user. Under the tutelage of his calculating younger brother, Niles, Virgil sets out to conquer the American sexual universe. His initial attempts to market the drug fall flat and by way of Nile's strategy, Virgil joins the side-show of a carnival. The two brothers --- or is it half-brothers?--- develop a show-stopping act, and Virgil's spectacular feats of penile strength and acrobatics eventually earn him an international reputation as "King Dong"!
Along the way to stardom, Virgil overcomes the sex researchers of the Beaver Foundation (a non-profit subsidiary of "Beaver" Magazine), sexual orthodoxy operatives from the American Brotherhood of Feminists, and the Las Vegas gambling syndicate.
But Virgil makes enemies in his climb to the heights. A coalition of these enemies finally creates Succubus II, an insatiable sexual woman of plastic, to challenge King Dong. The sexual showdown, a duel rivaling Beowulf's, or John Henry's, takes place in Lincoln Center. The outcome is epic. As one reviewer put it:
"King Dong" is not a mechanical King Kong who finally picks on someone his own size, nor a mere freudization of Star Wars. It is rather, quite closely, a vision of Tantric proportions; of providential drama as cosmic erotica."
King Dong might be the definitive sexual adventure of our time.

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