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You perhaps wonder why we call this little book "The Supreme Wisdom." It is because most every word used in it is from the Lord of the worlds, "THE SUPREME BEING," especially where you read of the History of the Caucasian Race; the History of the Black Nation and Prophets; the Doom of America—how she will be destroyed; the Hereafter; the Future of the so-called Negroes—"Tribe of Shabazz;" what happened 66 trillion years ago, 50,000 years ago and 6,000 years ago. All of the answers are directly from the mouth of Allah (God) in the Person of Master W. F. Muhammad, to Whom all praise is due, the Great Mahdi or Messiah, as the Christians say, and He is also the Son of Man.

He alone has taught me and continues to reveal His truth to me, although to some it is unbelievable; but search your Scriptures and you will find that they verify that which you read in this book—that which Allah (God) has revealed to me. If the so-called Negroes will accept it, they will be successful and see the Hereafter. If not, they will be destroyed along with those who are destroyed.

Say: He, Allah, is One God (not three), there is no God but He and I am His Messenger and Servant.

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ISBN: 9781452447018
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