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The Adventures of Vivian Sharpe, Vegan Superhero

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What would happen if you woke to an extraordinary sight in the middle of an otherwise ordinary night and this vision upended your whole life from that point on? What if it set everything in motion for changing your view of yourself and the world around you so radically that you couldn’t maintain the status quo any longer? When fifteen-year-old Vivian Sharpe has an astonishing encounter with a gregarious pig spirit one night (is he an apparition? A figment of her imagination?), her life is suddenly transformed at its very foundation. Oh, and there’s also the new perception she developed overnight, a hyper-empathy she is unable to control or turn off. As if negotiating the tumultuous teenaged years weren’t difficult enough.

The new novel, The Adventures of Vivian Sharpe, Vegan Superhero, explores what happens when a simple sandwich sets off a chain of events that causes a totally predictable girl to fundamentally change overnight: to the outside world, Vivian looks the same but inside she couldn’t be more different. Pretty soon, though, the new person she is inside must come out when she unearths a covert ecological disaster happening in her town of Center City that’s growing more threatening by the minute. The future of her town – the health of the inhabitants, the wildlife, the environment, and even the welfare of the places far away from Center City – rests on the shoulders of a girl who must now accept that her life may turn out to be a little less ordinary than the one she used to live.

Full of the sort of strange twists and loops one would expect from a classic American coming-of-age vegan superhero thriller, Vivian Sharpe is an exhilarating tale of friendship, deep courage, compassion and waking up to one’s own power. This is the story of someone who went to bed an average girl and woke up a superhero; the farther she moves from her once-predictable life, the more alive she becomes. Will Vivian go too far, though? Does she even have a choice but to go too far?

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