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4 Alien Life Form

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Book 4 “Alien Life Form” continues the Flight of the Armada series, with Stuart and Carrol Phillipi slowly fitting in at Michael Sheldon’s school, still hesitant to reveal their origins. They continue to make contacts with classmates, learning more about human nature and about themselves than they realized. Normal Earthians are complicated enough, but the more they learn about classmate Curtis Garrison and his ability to ‘talk to the Moon’, the more they are astounded the Phillipi are not the only people with unusual abilities. Neither they nor Curtis know "The Moon" is the spirit of Carrol's late husband Maranta Shanaugh.

Through a mixture of honesty and carefully worded explanation, the Thuringi royals do everything they can to make Thuringa sound like an ordinary place and they, ordinary people.

Brent is able to earn ‘coin’ for Thuringa, which eventually includes the work of other artisans in the fleet. Even as the Armada improves from the influx of Earthian goods, the social fabric is strained by power struggles, unhappy relationships and guarded secrets.

Michael Sheldon is given a special honor by Thuringa that the Earthian does not see coming. It is a time of celebration, and also a time for malcontents to plot with Asa Mennar, spelling trouble and consternation for King Lycasis that will have far-reaching effects. Brent and Isador celebrate a blessed event, and Searl Ardenne tells Stuart some unpleasant truths about Aura. Aura gains Gareth’s friendship and finds comfort in his approval, hoping to use it as a buffer someday. Darien and Echo continue their secret love affair and Darien becomes more confident in his role as Warrior Prince.

As Stuart and Keleigh’s mutual interest in each other is re-ignited, his and Aura’s unhappy relationship continues to suffer on its own accord. When things come to a head he takes a big step despite the grumblings of Elders and the Bishop.

Stuart runs for student office, improving his standing among classmates. Lycasis and Oriel make a surprise visit where the Thuringi make a lasting impression. Thurman Garin takes his task to guard the queen seriously, just Sandan Medina honors his royal kindred in his own way.

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