Under the Oklahoma Sky
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In this SHORT STORY, Jess Stillwell is a reporter for the Lawton, Oklahoma newspaper. When she does an article on cowboy movie star, Tripp Clearwater, little does she expect her personal interview to result in a one night stand. After finding herself alone the next morning, Jess figures that’s the last she would see of him. Of course, once Jess’ article on Tripp is printed, along with its scathing remarks added in by chief editor and owner of the Lawton Chronicle to spice up the interest, Tripp pays a visit to the news office. An exchange of words cause sparks to fly and tempers to flair. Distraught over the morning’s events, Jess decides to take a weekend excursion at her aunt’s ranch and do a little horseback riding to relax.
Out on the desolate Oklahoma prairie, a dangerous situation and the hand of fate bring Tripp and Jess back together. Jess finds Tripp injured and alone while she rides out on her aunt's property. At first, Tripp keeps his predicament and injury a secret, yet Jess finds in her heart a willingness and yearning to help him. Eventually, Tripp tells her the story. She learns that he has been risking his life to protect his sister who ran away from her husband, Theo, and her boss, Rocco. They both want what she’s stolen from the business: accounts of illegal business dealings. Tripp explains that he soon realized letting his sister live wasn’t an option for Rocco and Theo. And to convince Tripp they meant business, Theo shot him, yet he somehow managed to get away.
In a desperate attempt to escape the killers who hunt them down, Jess and Tripp must face their greatest fears as well as a growing attraction for one another. They are forced to hide in a cave meant only as a sacred dwelling for Native American spirits while they wait to confront those who would wish them dead. With only the help of each other, and a little from the spirit world, can Jess and Tripp manage to defeat their enemy?

--For more about Jess and her Oklahoma adventures, read OKLAHOMA'S GOLD, available at various online retailers in paperback and ebook.

Published: Kathryn Long on
ISBN: 9781465756589
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