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The Last Generation

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What would happen if Jesus didn't die on the cross? More importantly, what would his reaction be if he arrived in the year 2012?
This book explores just that scenario. Through the eyes of three brothers, we see the thrilling action unfold.
Tom is a mild mannered and extremely lonely Professor of ancient languages. He uses his skills to try to persuade Jesus to come to the present day.
Joe is a greedy surgeon, whose skills have ingratiated him with celebrities. Despite being a devout Jew, the Smith Baxendale Institute, the body researching the time travel, brings him in to heal Jesus' wounds from the crucifixion.
Mike is a retired Police detective. He needs to investigate the mysterious deaths of his two brothers.
These three brothers form the central characters in this three-part novel. They are joined by both friends and enemies in their quest to serve Jesus in their own way.
Jason is a brilliant 16-year-old computer expert. Mike sets him the task of finding the links between his missing brothers.
Lawrence is a gifted mechanical engineer from the Smith Baxendale Institute, the body researching time travel. He has a role using his skills to save Jesus.
The current Pope, John Paul III is intent on taking the church back one hundred years in its rituals. He is aligning the Cardinals behind him. What will his fate be when he meets Jesus?
And then there's Phil. He is extremely wealthy and uses his funds to build the time machine. He is the one who goes back to the first century AD. But his first trip, and his meeting with Pontius Pilate is a disaster. He has to go back to talk to Jesus and try to un-change history. How will his eightieth-generation descendant, Philip, influence the present day? And what about the secret the three brothers, Tom, Joe and Mike all share. Will Philip help Mike solve his own puzzle?
Six men form a team to challenge the Church: Mike, Jason, Lawrence, Phil, the Cardinal Camerlengo from the Vatican and Jesus himself. Their mission is simple. Offer the Church an ultimatum in the most dramatic way possible.
The action is fast with many twists and turns. What role does Judas Iscariot play in the betrayal of Jesus? Is Peter, the disciple who denies Jesus a friend or a foe? What happens when Jesus appears on the Late Show? How will Jesus react to appearing in a commercial for Cola? And after the death of John Paul III, how will Jesus respond to a Conclave of all the Cardinals?
The book is set in various locations from Portland Oregon to 1st century Jerusalem. It takes you from Tennessee to New York. The whole book climaxes with a thrilling ending, set in the Italian Alps. The action and suspense draws you to the final page. In the end, there's the Archbishop of Sao Salvador da Bahia? He has offered his own resort in the Alps to host the Conclave; of course, he has an ulterior motive. Will he manage to steal his prize? Will the team stop him and what will be the cost to their own lives? Will the last generation succeed in saving Jesus?

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