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Apocalypse x 7: Offbeat Doomsday Stories

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During football night at their favorite bar a group of contentious friends encounter a phenomenon that just might rewrite the rules of the universe. But whose universe? A man meets his perfect match but realizes, too late, what that really means. A couple heading home come up against an otherworldly threat in the high desert. A corporation struggles for spin control after unleashing uncontrollable damage. The family staff of a small hotel struggle to survive after a mysterious force changes forever how people respond to the outside world. A scientist, with only an experiment-weary monkey for company, creates one last test to uncover the secrets of space and matter. And a clean-up team tries to make sense of a vanished civilization from the dross left behind. Seven startling versions of the world ending - one for every day of the week.

Hour of the Snowflake
Think of a Pink Ship
Facts About Gel
The Crossing
A Flavor of Quark
Junk Silver

Michael Canfield writes about monsters, superheroes, couples, bank robbers, babies, astronauts, paranoids, background artists, hobbyists, and other people. He has published mystery, fantasy, science fiction, horror, or just-plain-odd stories on StrangeHorizons, futurismic, EscapePod, M–Brane SF, in dead-tree magazines including Realms of Fantasy, Talebones, Black Gate, Flytrap and other places. His novelette “Super-Villains” was republished in the prestigious Fantasy: The Year’s Best series, edited by Rich Horton. Born in Las Vegas, he now lives, works, plays, writes, and watches television in Seattle.

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