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Holiday at Sea

43 pages35 minutes


Captain Mary Allen masquerades as a man, rescuing kidnapped women from pirates and lives of prostitution. For just one night, Mary wants to shed her public persona and simply feel like a woman. Antonio, the delicious mercenary she secretly fantasizes about, is quite capable of the task.
* * *
They stood together at the porthole, not speaking, not touching, simply watching the waves until each had drained their wineglasses.

“I want you to know, I’d never force myself on a woman...I’d never want to be with a woman who didn’t desire me.” It was a quiet statement, as if he spoke to himself.

It made him all the more attractive, and it affected Mary deeply. She had a sudden vision of herself reaching up to his face and pressing her lips upon his.

Instead, she said, “And how do you know if a woman desires you?”

She surprised herself a bit, not having flirted with a man in years. This may work yet. How she hoped it might work.

Antonio secured their empty glasses above the map table. He stood in front of her, taking her hand in his.

“There are many ways, dear Mary.” Antonio tilted his head as if trying to see her better in the dim lighting. “The best, I have found, is to see how she responds to a kiss.”
* * *

An homage to the iconic Roman Holiday, Holiday at Sea is a pirate captain romance with a contemporary feel. This short story includes a free preview of In the Right Place, a guardian angel novel.

Lynn C. Kelly is the romance pen name for Kelly Cairo. A prize-winning author whose short fiction has appeared in anthologies published by Simon & Schuster, she also publishes science fiction and fantasy as Kelly Cairo, and mystery as Kasey Carson.

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