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Hope Granger was right- there was never anything good about a phone call that wakes you up in the middle of the night, but this one struck stark terror into the deepest realms of her heart, despite the fact that it wasn't all that unexpected: A.J. Thornton wasn't doing well, and she was the cavalry.
The only person on this green Earth that might - just might - be able to snap him out of the deep blue funk his recent disability had caused. Although she immediately agreed to fly down to Texas to help him, Hope wasn't at all sure she'd be able to - especially not without laying her own heart - and bottom - on the line again.

Publisher's note (5/22/2014): AJ's Hope is a re-release of Carolyn Faulkner's book, "Thornton's Hope". All three books in the series (as well as the box set) will be re-released over the next few weeks.

Published: Blushing Books on
ISBN: 9781609685201
List price: $4.95
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