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Julius and the Titanic

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When teenage twins Vicky and Josh are orphaned after their parents die in a car crash, they have to move to the New Forest to live with their Aunt Minnie. Here they meet Julius who reveals that he is a time-traveller. He takes them back to Cherbourg on April 10th 1912 where they board the Titanic in a desperate attempt to save the lives of over 1500 passengers.

Armed with the knowledge of hindsight, can they prevent the ship from colliding with an iceberg? They need to make certain that the lookouts have the binoculars that were missing from the Crow’s nest; they must ensure that the ice warnings received by the Titanic and which never reached the Bridge are seen by the captain; and they must make sure that the Officer of the Watch takes the right decisions at the right time to avoid the collision. But will this be enough, and has Julius told them everything they should know?

Determined to stop them is another family of time-travellers, ruthlessly intent on making sure that the ship sinks. Vicky, uncertain about whether meddling with the past is the right thing to do, is used by them to work against Julius. In doing so she starts on a path which will lead them all into terrible danger!

The adventurers meet and befriend the actual people on the Titanic, including the officers, crew and passengers who all had a part to play in what happened. Together, can they succeed in preventing the disaster and how will the experience change their lives? Follow what happens over the four day journey that was the maiden voyage of the ship everyone believed to be unsinkable – The Titanic!

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