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Daytona 500 Stories

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Daytona 500 Stories tells the story of every Daytona 500 race. Beginning with the first race in 1959 to the present, you'll learn the facts about each event. William "Big Bill" France had a vision for a large track nestled along the famous sands of Daytona Beach, Florida. The high banked 2 1/2 mile speedway, shaped like the letter "D" was called a tri oval.

Do you know who finished in first and second, then 2 years later crashed out of the track?
Who was declared the first winner of the first race?
Which driver dominated the 500, leading 3/4 of the race, but didn't win?
Who was the first driver to win the Daytona 500 in February and the Firecracker race in July in the same year?
What driver dominated the 500, then had his car banned the next year?
Which lady racer was the first female to compete in the Daytonal 500?
Which US President was the first to visit a race at Daytona?
Who was the driver who pulled another driver from his burning car, then won the 500?
Who are the 3 sets of father/son Daytona 500 winners?
Which family, grandfather, father, and son have competed at DIS?
Who was the first driver to crash into Lake Lloyd?
When did the qualifying races go from 100 miles, to 125 miles, to 150 miles?

February Speed Week starts on Sunday with time trials, and Thursday qualifying races for the Cup cars. Friday is when the Trucks compete, and Saturday is for the Sportsman race which is now called the Nationwide Series. Sunday is the Great American Race, the Daytona 500.

The first Saturday in July is the Firecracker 400.

If you want to race, Daytona is the place!

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