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Fair Winds to Muscovy

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A tale of swashbuckling romantic adventure on the high seas! In Part I, Fair Winds to Jamaica, unwilling bride Rosalyn Morgan escapes the marriage mill in Boston, only to encounter pirates in the Caribbean and a slave uprising in Jamaica.
In Book II, Fair Winds to Muscovy, Rosalyn and rougish "Fair Winds" Captain Grant Watermann journey through the storm-tossed Atlantic to England during the reign of William of Orange, and travel on to Poland and Russia during the the Streltsy Guard revolt against Czar Peter the Great. As Rosalyn and Grant flee Russia during the final harrowing events of Book II, they are captured by Swedish troops near the Russian border. Trapped in a burning barn and facing certain death, Rosalyn finally breaks down and admits her love for Grant—after nearly two years of fighting a fatal attraction that has plagued and tormented them both! Has her confession come too late?

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