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Brazen Angel

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A Double Life...
She was every man’s fantasy–and most dangerous desire. One bewitching look, the whispered promise of unspeakable ecstasy, and London’s richest and most notorious rakes followed the Brazen Angel like sheep–ready to be fleeced. She waltzes from masquerade to masquerade, seducing and stealing with impunity–until she meets her match in a dark and dangerous lord who vows to unmask her.
His Single Passion...
The Marquess of Trahern has come home to honor his father’s last request and marry Lady Sophia D’Artiers. All too quickly, Giles discovers that behind the fragile, ailing facade of his intended lies London’s infamous mistress of disguise–an irresistible brazen angel who lures him into a passion that threatens to destroy them both. Sophia cannot stop her reckless life of thievery—not just yet—but will it cost her the man who has stolen her heart?

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