The Little Book of Miracles was written by long-distance healer of people and animals Dr. Saul Shaye, well-known among pro-athletes and thousands worldwide. Over 45,000 paper copies of "The Little Book of Miracles" have been distributed worldwide.
Known as America's Healer, Dr. Saul Shaye's "The Little Book of Miracles" is a compilation of testimonies from people who have experienced dramatic healings as a result of Shaye's God-given gift of healing. Dr. Shaye is well-known for his long-distance healings of people and animals via the phone. Shaye believes that God is unlimited and can heal anything, as these testimonies support.

With a fine introduction by Lois Mallinder, and words from Dr. Shaye himself, as well as numerous healing testimonies from all over the world, The Little Book of Miracles delivers a big bundle of hope, love, and healing.

Cover Art by Elan Sunstar Hawaii

Published: Dr. Saul Shaye on
ISBN: 9781466183667
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