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My Captor, My Love

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Can there really be a secret Indian tribe living in a secluded valley a week's ride from Mammoth Lakes? Yes, and men have left their village for supplies...

Danielle wanted to go back home, but Honon chased her down each time she first. In the beginning she didn't understand why she'd been taken. Later, her heart had been broken too much to stay. She had to stop her escalating feelings for Honon, even though he gave her more highly charged passion than she'd ever dreamed of. No matter what move she'll make, it will cause her even more heartache. No matter how far she runs, Dani can't escape her desire for Honon.

The chief's son knows what he wants as soon as he sees Dani and her long fiery hair...then he catches a glimpse of her creamy white skin. When opportunity and lust strikes, Honon takes her - even though she's meant for someone else. He sees her fear...and her yearning glimpses.
He wants to give her his body, but not his heart. Can he trust her or is she playing him for a fool? Can he let go of the past or will pride cause him to lose more than Dani?

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