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It’s only human to want to know who you are and where you come from. For little Ella, though, life is not that simple. Abandoned as a baby and brought up in an orphanage, she slowly learns through her adoptive parents what life is about, and to be proud of who she is – that people love her for being herself, not where she has come from. Ella is one of the lucky ones though, whose new parents are loving and supportive and she gradually finds hare own niche in life, learning to support herself and fins a new soulmate. There is, however, one little question niggling away at the back of Ella’s mind – just when will her birth mother come back to her?So many tales of abandoned and adopted children tend towards the harsh and cruel side of life, but this is a charming tale of what can go right in a child’s life and how with the right love and support, that abandoned baby can grow and develop into a confident young woman.

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