Astounding revelations of the mysteries of the mind and the universe. What is Consciousness and Awareness? Where did the Universe come from? What makes the mind operate as it does? What is Meditation? What is our Destiny? How do the senses work?

— Referred Touch —

Take a pencil, and feel a texture with it;
You seem to feel it at the pencil’s tip;
Yet, you have no sense organs way out there;
So, the brain fabricates some reality!

— Reality is Real-ized —

All we ‘see’ are the insides of our heads,
A model of reality. No, you say,
Well, it’s the same model ‘seen’ in your dreams,
With your eyes closed and you in darkness, too!

— A Useful Illusion —

Not only is ‘seeing’ inside our heads,
But also the hard-soft-texture of touch,
The scents of molecule shapes, and the sounds
Of air waves, again, as in a night dream.

— Tuning In —

Reality plays within our theater,
A wide-awake dream. What’s really out there,
I suppose, are waves and fields, which our minds
Show in representative ways, like ‘red’.


Published: Austin Torney on
ISBN: 9781465992444
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