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The Seeking Of The Lost Sheep

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This book is about identifying and rounding up of people who are just like lost sheep. They are wondering through life not really knowing what lies in store for them at the end of the journey

Remember among the Lost Sheep are husbands, wives, mums, dads, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, nanas, papas, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, cousins, fiancés, family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and others including UNO WHO!

Earth's noblest pursuit...
Help populate heaven with precious souls, especially family, and in so doing deprive hell!No doubt heaven wouldn't be the same for you if loved ones, friends and family were not there.
Act now to have no regrets then friend! Time is of the essence!

As of November 2011 there are more than.7 billion people alive on earth. There are more people alive right now that ever has lived and died since the creation of man.

Unless we get the good news to them and round up the lost sheep and lambs more people could die and go to hell in this, our own generation, than ever has lived and died and went to hell at all times until now.

We have an awesome responsibility to share God’s plan to preserve woman and man – forever! We need to do this before it is too late for those alive right now. We need your help!

These words are not for book promotion purposes, rather, to waken us up to the fact that those who know the truth must convey it and exhort and encourage all lost sheep back into the fold while there is yet opportunity.

You could well be that vital link for the lost sheep in your sphere of knowledge to be brought back into stewardship of the Great Shepherd.

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