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When an architect who had previously lived for six years in Fiji, finds an advertisement in the Daily Telegraph, it starts off an exciting adventure.Take a seat and fly to the ‘Land Of The Unexpected’ and learn of Papua New Guinea, made up of a mountainous mainland and far flung islands. Go along with your guide on many trips in a variety of transport. Find out how the people of this country have been treated or mistreated in their historical time and experience their talents and beliefs. Travel around learning how each province differs in nature, artefacts, customs and so much more.At times you will feel as if you are in a different period of time when reading about hotels and colonial contribution, along with other countries' input, through your guide's eyes. So if you want to know what a penis gourd is or other unusual items and events, then take a seat and go with the author and his family to a place you will not forget.

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