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You Can Be an Author!

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This book is divided into three sections: Imagine, Create, and Sell. The Imagine section covers the beginning of the book process. This includes making the decision to write a book, what to write about, and what benefits your book can offer the public. In the Create section, we cover the mechanics of writing a book, including getting an ISBN and LCN number. This is the nuts and bolts section. Part three is the Sell section. It does not matter that you wrote a masterpiece. Who is going to read it if no one knows about it? This section covers promotion, advertising, and fulfillment. It’s all about getting your name and your book’s name out into the public. Every idea, project, system or invention begins with imagination. If it can be imagined, it can be created. Once created, it can be sold. Decide now that procrastination ended the minute you opened this book. From now on, you are on a journey to finally get that book from the inside to the outside. I am with you. Let’s go!

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