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What is the “Parrallel Universe”?

It occurred to me while living in Paris between the years 2004-2005, that jazz music compositions written about energy, with all the interest worldwide in astrological signs and the phenomenon about spirit, might have artistic relevance for me in terms of my own personal musical self-discovery.

At the time, I was teaching at a private university and attending two jazz conservatories to develop and explore some compositional and arranging ideas as well as continue my own music journey.
I became consumed with this idea centered around the concept of the Zodiac...

it just wouldn’t go away...

the more I researched it, concurred with astrologers, and worked on the compositions and as each day that passed...I kept coming back to a very simple theme that I felt incredible artistic potential.

There was always this feeling of the energy, occurring in this other dimension, the subconscious?

Hence, the”Parrallel Universe” concept was conceived.

I soon discovered that that the word “Zodiac” - meant “Cycle of Life” (from the Greek word: “ZOE” - which means life, and “DIAC”- cycle).

Coincidentally, it soon became apparent to me that everything in my life was somehow symbolically, mystically and explainable by the number 12.
Twelve Zodiac Signs, twelve months in a year, time was measured in increments of twelve, twelve musical notes on the western scales, twelve colors, and also...

and, ironically enough, I was also born on the 12th, of May, my wife, on the 12th of June.

So here you are... Twelve Jazz music compositions, Jazz Charts for: Concert, Bb, Eb and Bass Instrumentation. Written and performed in Paris, France. Part of my on-going Zodiac Project: Parrallel Universe.


Philip “Flip” Gordon
July, 2011

Published: Dr. Philip Gordon, PhD on
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