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Social Media Alchemy: 2nd Edition

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What I am about to share will change the way you look at social media and will immediately give you an edge over your competition who are still using old forms of marketing and advertising.

This is the story of how I went from a total newbie, to building a successful business that generates a full time income and developing a contact list that most people would die for.

A Blueprint You Can Use - I stumbled on Social Media and was lucky enough to meet people who showed me exactly what I needed to do to grow my business. One of those people is Chris Krimitsos of The Wealth Building Annex.

I was hearing different opinions about marketing using Social Media. While some were saying there is no money in it, all the while Chris was building a very successful brand through the magic of Social Media.

Through my association with Chris and The eMarketing Groups weekly training sessions I was able to develop a blueprint that has enabled me to create a strategy to build an audience of targeted prospects and turn them into a tightly knit community who evangelize and promote my business by word of mouth.

What this means is that instead of having to pay through the nose for Google AdWords, SEO or other conventional ways to get traffic to my website I now use the power of Social Media to magnetically attract new customers into my sales funnel.

This formula provides a way to get free traffic to your website and gives you the ability to grow your own email mailing list.

It’s this highly targeted traffic that makes you money. It’s not difficult to create a full time income from spending as little as 90 minutes per day.

There is a lot of stuff being written about social media, a lot of it by self-proclaimed gurus who have just jumped on the bandwagon. And are talking about theory or what someone else is doing.

What I am going to share is based on real life experience not theory and other people’s experiences. This knowledge has been gained in the trenches right out on the edge of an industry that’s changing as rapidly as we speak.

To Your Online Success

Mike Gusler

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