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The Lord's Patroness

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The Bible doesn’t tell us anything about Mary Magdala before she met Jesus and was healed. After being healed, Mary became a very important person in Jesus ministry, but her presence is noted more than her activity. Because Mary was a common name during Jesus lifetime, scholars sometimes assign additional passages that give her questionable identities.

Retired United Methodist pastor Nova Wells researched mental illness and selected paranoid schizophrenia as the devils Mary might have had. More research helped her create Mary’s home, the business her father might have had and the geographical setting. Then it was time for imagination to take over.

The first half of The Lord’s Patroness takes the reader from Mary’s first attack of mental illness through seven years of adventures with her voices telling her to trust or to flee. The reader will share Mary’s fear, meet the people who helped her and discover her survival skills.

We have always known Mary Magdala had a strength of character and independence beyond most women of her time. In this novel you will find her business and management skills, sense of humor and devotion to her Lord Jesus Christ. Experience the crucifixion and the joy of resurrection with Mary when she is the first to see the risen Jesus. Then go spread the message of the Good News yourself.

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