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The Life Cycle of the Serial Killer: The Making of Human Monsters; how They Lived and Their Victims Died

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What really makes a serial killer? Why should any one individual grow up to be capable of inflicting unimaginable suffering on another? Are physical or mental defects always to blame? How can a secure facade of total normality be portrayed by the most depraved and sadistic murderers? How can these individuals stay free and undetected to kill for so long?
As research continues in the desperate hope of finding the answers to these and other questions and preventing future tragedy, this book examines the lives of many of the most prolific and frightening serial killers the world has ever known. It explores recent theory and the evidence to support or refute current arguments, and also describes the cases which sent shockwaves across the globe. From birth and maturity to the ultimate end of their murderous activities, this book charts the life stages of the deadliest killers. For those with an interest in real crime or looking to begin study in the area, it represents an engaging and informative introduction to this disturbing and complex field.

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