Just Tonight

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Just Tonight

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars4/5 (6 ratings)
Length: 278 pages3 hours


After a shocking accident, forty—five year old Adrianne Thomas finds herself a mother again. She is suddenly left to raise her two—month old granddaughter. Her partner of fifteen years can’t handle it. As much as she loves Adrianne, she doesn’t want to spend their golden years raising a child. The break—up sends Adrienne running back home to the small town she grew up in, not sure what her future holds.

When Dylan Montgomery retired from the Army, she came back home following a personal tragedy and got a job as a ranger at a local park. It was the final stop in a life spent running from a past she would rather forget. She was a loner, content to jump from one meaningless encounter to another, vowing to never fall in love again...that is until she ran into Adrienne.

When a freak storm leaves the two stranded in one of the park’s shelters, things start to heat up and they begin to understand that no matter what boundaries they have tried to set, some loves they can’t control no matter how hard they try.

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