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Guanxi for the Busy American

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What Do Busy Americans Need to Know About Guanxi?
Busy Americans want to transact business and move on to the next challenge. When it comes to doing business in China, busy Americans respect the local feelings, attitudes, customs, culture, history and society – but also know that they are not Chinese and never will be, no matter what they do. They want to master the skills and learn what is needed to get the job done as expertly and competently as possible. To them culture is one of many skills that needs to be mastered. They do not need get a PhD in mathematics in order to fill out an invoice, and they are confident operating a telephone without being able to design a microchip. Busy Americans approach culture as one of many factors necessary successful management.

The goal of "Guanxi for the Busy American" is to help over-scheduled, sleep-deprived professionals learn exactly what they need to do business in China effectively and efficiently. There is not enough time to explore every facet of Chinese culture and history – but you do not want to be unprepared, naïve or buffoonish when meeting with Chinese colleagues and partners. Busy Americans have the experience and intelligence to know that one cannot be an expert in everything, and should not try. The main skill of executives is knowing what questions to ask and where to find the expertise to get answers.

Download this short e-book before your flight, and check "Prepare for Chinese Negotiation" off your very long to-do list.

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