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JOOKIE: The Complete Rules & Laws to the Game

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Welcome to the Game of JOOKIE!

Jookie is a card-based drinking game played between four (or sometimes five) hard-alcohol tolerant people.

It consists of thirteen rounds of play (ten rounds for five-person Jookie) in which players attempt to score points by bidding for and winning “tricks.”

To play a true Jookie game, you need:
° deck of cards
° shot glass(es)
° score sheet and writing implement
° bottle of Jookie

Although Johnnie Walker Red is a Founding Father of Jookie, and is thoroughly recommended, the game may be played with any type of hard alcohol.

*** The First Jookie Law ***
*** Jookie shall NEVER, EVER be played with beer-based Executions.***


Players are dealt five cards each for the first five rounds of play and one additional card per each round after that, i.e. the sixth round plays six cards, the seventh plays seven, and so on. The first-round dealer is appointed by the other players.

The dealer shuffles, cuts to the right, deals to the left, and ends the deal by turning over the top card of the remaining deck.

*** Jookie Pimp Diskrimination Law ***
*** Should a player blow their deal, said player shall receive penalty of one Jookie shot. Should more than one misdeal occur during the same round, one shot is added per additional gimpness.***

This top card becomes the Trump Card and all cards that are put into play with the same suit are also Trump cards.

The deal rotates clockwise per round with each player dealing during in turn. A life skill, no player is exempt from their due turn. Substitute shuffling and dealing may only be tolerated in extreme circumstances.


After the deal and before playing the round, players take turns making their bids around the table starting from the left of the dealer.

A player makes a bid based on the cards in their hand that they think will win over the cards in the other players’ hands.

A player may only bid as high as the number of cards in their hand and as low as zero.


Once all bids are made and recorded, play begins with the person to the left of the dealer.

The first player selects a card from their hand and puts it face up in the trick area at the center of the table.

A player may not lead a trick with Trump until it has been broken, or played, during a previous trick.

Clockwise, other players must follow the leading suit and play a card into the trick.

For Example: If Stoopid goes first, he plays the 10♣ and thus begins the trick. All other players must now follow suit and throw a ♣.

If a player does not have a card in the suit being played, they must throw either a Trump Card or a Chump Card. A Chump Card is a card of another suit that has no effect on the outcome of the trick.

*** Jookie Dirty Hole Law ***
***Any player who accidentally on purpose does not follow suit during their turn must drink Jookie immediately.***

During the play, each player tries to win the trick by playing an unbeatable card from their hand.

An unbeatable card is either the highest card of the suit being played or the highest Trump Card in play.

For Example: If Stoopid must follow suit with a ♥, his K♥ may be played to virtually guarantee him the trick, unless another player plays one of two cards that can beat his K♥; either the A♥ or any Trump Card.

At the end of the trick, once all players have played one card, the player who threw the winning card takes the trick and puts it face down in front of them-self. Note: Keeping multiple tricks separated allows for easier scorekeeping.

The winner of the last trick now becomes the leader of the next trick, played in the same manner. Once all tricks are played, the round is over.

Players who have successfully won enough tricks to match their bid are rewarded with a whole-hearty congratulations from the

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