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Feel Awesome, Stop Smoking Forever!

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Feel Awesome, Stop Smoking Forever! is a step by step guide to helping you

Beat the nicotine withdrawl.
Escape the thinking traps that draw you back to cigarettes.
Enjoy the process.
Live a life full of health, energy, focus, with less stress and more money.
Feel Awesome! Stop smoking forever!

By taking control of your own thinking. Using proven psychological techniques from Neurolinguistic Programming NLP, Coaching and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBT, you are guided through process that will allow you more success than you ever thought possible.

There are the tools and techniques you require to be a happy non-smoker forever. There is also a self hypnosis script that you can record and play to give you that extra kick if needed. Though it also explains what to do without it.

Note - you do need to do what is asked for success to be there. This book requires you to want to be a non smoker. However, it doesn't need it to be the right time (if your waiting for the beast to tell you it's the right time, you'll wait a long while). It just needs you to be aware of your own reasons for stopping smoking.

So if your ready, buy the book, get yourself a pen and paper (or computer) and get to work on Feeling Awesome!

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