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WATER: The Shocking Truth that Can Save Your Life

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Many of us don’t realize that our best health depends on the purity of the water we drink. In "WATER: The Shocking Truth that can Save Your Life," health crusaders Drs. Patricia and Paul C. Bragg reveal that the tap water we use for cooking, bathing and drinking can be responsible for many ailments, due to the addition of things like fluoride and chlorine.

In this book the father-and-daughter team discusses the importance of water as a life-extending substance, and the many functions it performs, from regulating the various bodily systems to flushing the body of waste and toxins it accumulates.

But what if the substance we use to clean our bodies is itself polluted? That has been the case for decades, assert the authors, with the mandatory fluoridation of water in the municipal water systems. Added to the public water supply to prevent tooth decay starting in the 1950s, fluoride has long been known to be a toxin, used in pesticides and rat poisons. A cumulative poison, the effects of fluoride are not immediately obvious and therefore often go undetected. With continuous and extended use, however, fluoride can cause or exacerbate many ailments of the human body.

The authors also discuss other, lesser-known additives and impurities to water, which can result in sluggish body systems, slower mental functions and generally poorer health. To combat the deterioration of the human body through these poisons, they also suggest distilled water, as well as a variety of habits, methods and other actions for people who want to take charge of what goes in their body, and ultimately what affects their health.
Paul C. Bragg, originator of health stores in America, and his daughter, Patricia, are world-renowned health crusaders. They have changed millions of lives through their books, teachings, lectures and media appearances.

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