Pirate Maiden
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Caitlin was just another Irish lass watching her sheep when her life turned upside down. Kidnapped straight off her family's land by filthy pirates, she goes from bottomscrubber to on top of the seven seas with the help of fellow crewmates, meeting a handsome Austrian bloke her age named Florian, plundering gold across Europe, and working under the mysterious, hook-handed Captain Smoky. Things get a bit eye-patchy when she steals Davy Jones' custom made ship, decked out in the latest fancy pirating decor, and soon, Jones wants to shiver their timbers into his infamous locker! A must read for boys, girls, and scurvylicious adults who want to be kids again, filled with unusual twists and turns, Pirate Maiden 'tis the only book you can read with your family that's rated "arrrr!"

Published: Richárde on
ISBN: 9781465927989
List price: $2.99
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