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There is enough in the world for everyone’s need, but there will never be enough to satisfy everyone’s greed. For each person who eats two slices of bread somewhere, where one will do, somewhere else another person will starve.

The well of the world is deep enough for all to drink from. Why then should its water only be drawn by people of wealth, property, power and privilege?

Does not the Earth belong to all who inhabit it? To share its riches, space and splendour is not an act of charity but the justification of life; it is a duty!

The sun, stars and moon shine down on all people below in equal measure. So let the Heavens above be a shining example to the Earth below.

In the beginning, the ‘Creator of All Things’ made the Heavens and Earth and set the world spinning into a cycle of life.

The Creator set the Earth in motion by spinning it on an axis of love, but it is the love of His people, freely exposed to another that keeps it turning.

Love truly makes the world go round!
When Prince Soloman is born, his parents, the greedy King Lucre and Queen Avarice determine to make their son the wealthiest and most powerful monarch in the world when he comes to rule.

They acquire all the power, wealth and privilege possible over the next 21 years and die in the process of amassing it.

After their deaths, the Prince discovers just how much life he has missed out on over the 21 years and he also learns about the many deaths caused by the achievement of his parents’ dream..
He decides that life is too important a thing for one to spend it living someone else’s dream, so he starts to live his own dream.

Published: William Forde on
ISBN: 9781465861009
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