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5 Fury in the Dark of Space

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When Prince Stuart suffers a serious illness, King Lycasis’s plans to bring Thuringi citizens to Earth are tempered by concern of an outbreak. Stuart and Keleigh enjoy a platonic interlude while Stuart recovers and Sandan makes a lasting impression on the students of Sheldon School. Plagued by increasing trouble with the communication system, Darien and the Solenil crew set out to find someone to repair the coms and find an injured Chassiren instead. Stung by Darien’s insults and jealous of the Chassiren, Aura brings Yjarnnah along on the Solenil when they take the injured woman back. When she meets the Chassiren Queen, Aura is humbled by her own erroneous beliefs and personal revelations. Darien hopes Stuart will benefit from Aura’s change of heart. Stuart and Carrol enjoy a brief reunion with the other original scouts Brent Ardenne, Glendon Garin, Gareth Duncan and Darien on a quick romp at school.
Malcontent Asa Mennar and his cohorts decide to stage a coup to overthrow the crown. But in a terrible combination of bad timing, selfish interests and betrayal, the Armada is struck a terrible blow by an old enemy, the Shargassi. The scouts on the outpost are cut off from the fleet as the Armada faces monumental damage and high losses. Darien’s decisions result in the crew of the Solenil being held hostage on an outpost world and Keleigh in precarious health. In order to distract the Shargassi from returning to the Armada, Darien Phillipi must pretend to be an outcast madman at the helm of the Solenil. At stake is the future of the Thuringi race.

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