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Strange Tales

70 pages59 minutes


These are stories of magic realism, places where mundane occurrences mix with myth and magic to turn life inside-out, where anything can happen. Gone is the workaday world of knowing the beginning and ending, or of a sound, sane, sedate frame of reference. Since we see as through a glass darkly, we sometimes have metaphysical questions which cannot be answered in the usual sense. Only through an alternate strangeness can we more clearly understand why we go on.

Here we have seekers and avoiders, and a young traveler who encounters a modern marvel in an ancient ruin. A group of youngsters in a Lewis Carroll-like tale, where language and logic are stretched and reshaped into a tongue-twisting, whimsical adventure.

Sit back and give your mind a break from the worries of today, and get away to a world of wonder.

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