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Those who have few, if any, memories of childhood may have been victims of psychological abuse. Claimed to be the most damaging of all abuses, psychological abuse is hard to pin down. What is it? It's not the same for every child or every situation. In addition, most children subjected to it come to accept the abuse as "normal" treatment. With no other experience to judge by, they do not know there are any other ways or what they could be. Even so, the abuse is so painful, so devastating, they cannot bear it, and they wipe it from memory so completely it is virtually impossible to recover. Having lost the memories of abuse, believing their upbringing to be normal, the after-effects persist throughout a lifetime but are extremely difficult to recognize and, therefore, almost impossible to change.

Not subjected to psychological abuse until three and a half years old, ET Aul was aware of the difference; she had prior experience to judge by. And, because her personality fragmented, the parts that remained children could access the information and tell about it. As a result, "As you desire me: the psychology of a multiple personality" gives remarkable insight into the hidden world of psychological abuse.

Published: Juanita White on
ISBN: 9781889206554
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