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Understanding Russia

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If you are interested in the problem of formation of Russian national identity, especially the Russian socio-political organization. If you reflect on the historical perspectives of Russia, as well, if you are an expert in the field of history, political science, sociology, dealing with research in these areas, this book is for you. The book will reveal the answers to eternal questions that at least once in your life had been asked by educated and indifferent to the fate of his people and country person: "Who we are, where we came from and where are we going now?". In this book you will not find a sensational hypothesis designed to impress the reader with the beautiful and vivid imagination on the subject of our national destiny. There is no speculation in the national pride, which excite national ignorant smugness. There is extremely specific and objective analysis of the fate of the Russian nation, which allows sensibly assess the base of our national problems and possible solutions. The book is of interest also to politicians trying to bring real benefits to
the country, business people, to build its business with a view on the Russian specifics. The author reflects about the base of the ethnic Russian, the formation and characteristics of Russian identity, about how the government system evolved in the Russia and its evolution. In the book you will find interesting thoughts about the military history of Russia and the competitiveness of Russia as a civilization. But all in all, this book will be useful to anyone who would just like to understand Russia.

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