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Acrobats, Clowning, all the Fun of the Circus
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A circus is a company of performers who travel around a country putting on shows in the Big Top or circus tent. There are usually acrobats, clowns, trapeze artists, jugglers and often people who per-form on horseback in a circus. Trained animals are still included in circus acts, gradually that is changing as it is considered to be cruel. All about the circus past to present, acts and animals.

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Acrobats, Clowning, all the Fun of the Circus - Carol Rainbow

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History of the Circus

PT Barnum

The Ringling Brothers

Animals and the Circus

Modern Style Circuses

Le Cirque du Soleil

Circus Oz

The Chinese State Circus

Big Apple Circus

Common Circus Acts


Tightrope Walkers and High Wire Acts





Globe Rolling

Human Cannonball

Knife Throwing


Sword Swallowing

Fire Breathing

Magic and Illusion

Globe of Steel

Lions Tamers

Trained Elephants

Idioms and Sayings


Circus Activities

A Circus Quiz

Learning to Juggle

Quiz Answers

Circuses date back to Roman times when they were held in the great amphitheatres and the round stage has stayed with us in the shape of the circus big top. One of the most famous places in ancient Rome was the Circus Maximus. It was a round stadium where Roman citizens gathered to watch races, games and violent fights. At times they may have had chariot racing and plays in the circus but this has increased to a wide range of circus acts that we are used today.

Circus skills look great fun and activities like unicycling, clowning and juggling are now often taught in schools and in children’s club at holiday resorts.

History of the Circus

In the UK and Europe Philip Astley established modern circuses in the late 18th century. Astley brought trick horse riding to the circus as well as showing off trained animals doing tricks.

Astley served in the Seven Years' War (1756-63) where he worked, very successfully, as a horse trainer. When he left the army he kept on training horses and developed a horse riding circus act. He was both the teacher and a performer.

Performers would ride bare back and do acrobats and balances on the horse as it galloped around the ring. Ever since that time horse acts have been part of the circus. Astley added music, clowns and other kinds of acts to entertain his audience. He built the first real circus in France, in 1783 and created the pattern for which all subsequent circuses have been based throughout the world. Astley’s circuses often had three rings with something different taking place in each of the three rings at the same time. The heads of people watching a circus turned back and forth as they tried to see every exciting act in each ring. The ring and the evolution to the three ring circus has been a part of circus tradition ever since.

This picture, shared by Cosmopolitian shows the three ringed circus,