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Leaving the U.S. was the best decision I have ever made. I went from working like a dog, being insanely stressed at all times, and being surrounded by negative people - to living an easy and pampered life in a beautiful place with no stress and no worries. It baffles me why more people don't do the same.

Let’s face it, the quality of life in the U.S. is declining rapidly. It's become an endless rat race and a constant struggle. Meanwhile, there are places abroad where Americans can re-locate to and easily live a wonderful life, free of financial stress, relationship strain, and societal pressures. Unfortunately, most choose not to.

But why not? Is it too difficult to choose a better life for yourself? It is really tougher than this never-ending pursuit of happiness?

Moving to a different country, say a tropical paradise, is much easier than you realize. In this book, I won’t just prove why, I will also reveal how. “Live Easy, Live Abroad” is a complete road map to a happy, stress-free and serene life you can only dream of while living in the US.

This book will help you to quickly determine whether or not becoming an expatriate is for you. It will help you pick the country that suits you best and it will serve as your guide to get you there, settling in as easily and as inexpensively as possible.

This book is for you if,

• You want to retire early but don’t have enough finances.

• You are retired and want the rest of your years to be the best.

• You can’t find a decent job that offers both financial security and peace of mind.

• You feel alone, unhappy or both.

• You are divorced or miserable with relationships.

• You live with your partner, have no kids and want the love and romance to flourish forever.

Some Highlights from “Living Easy, Living Abroad”

- A compelling, factual analysis on why quality of life in the U.S. will never recover and will continue to decline

- An in-depth report on each of the best places the world has to offer an American including the pros and cons of relocating to each

- A thorough list of money saving techniques and tips for permanent relocation. (Live a life of luxury for a tenth of what it would cost in the U.S. or live well for next to nothing)

- Guidelines for every step of your endeavor: from planning, packing, and booking to finding a home, meeting people, and earning a suitable income

- Extremely up to date information. Visa requirements have changed in many countries for Americans and no other book has the latest information. Additionally, advancements in internet and cellular technology have made communication and entertainment options abroad 10X better than they ever were before. “Live Easy, Live Abroad” contains all of the latest ways to stay in the loop.

Moving to a different country is a serious decision, and at times the thought process behind it can be overwhelming. This book serves to give you clarity on the matter so you make the right decision. From there you can use it as a guide for every phase of your relocation.

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ISBN: 9781452486284
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