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When out on the road and you pass a semi, do you think about the trucker behind the wheel? What is it like up there - to drive one of those things, mile after mile? Is the rig comfortable, or is it a kidney-buster like the old ones? Where do truckers stop to eat, and what’s the food like? Where do they sleep? What’s their family life like? What in the world possesses truckers to truck in the first place? These are all good questions. But like most people, you’ll just drive away, watching the rig disappear in the rearview mirror and think no more about the trucker.
Not any more.

Trucker, by Merlin Sprague, is a first-person account of the trucking experience in all its glory. Down on their luck, Merlin and his wife, Jo, drove a trans-continental semi after spending years in the telecom and software business.

Ride along with Merlin and Jo, joining them in their mind-expanding Adventure. You’ll read of:
*Truck school, and Lenny, the Spitter.
*Thanksgiving spent with Fearless Leader.
*Spending Tuesday evening until Friday noon, driving from LA to New Jersey.
*The joy of home time.
*Being marooned for three days in a Montana blizzard.
*Squalid truck stops and filthy company terminals.
*The fishmobile and Henry, the trucker.
*The slow decay of body and mind.

Merlin has broken Trucker into segments that are really stories all by themselves. This makes Trucker ideal for the reader on the go, as well as for the homebody nodding by the fireplace.

The truth of trucking is far stranger than any fiction.

Published: Merlin Sprague on
ISBN: 9781466041875
List price: $4.99
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