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Jonathon Wart and the Risk Factor

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Jonathon Wart has inherited his uncle’s fabulous fortune. But it comes with a big catch. Uncle Wart was a firm believer that no one ever got ahead in life without taking risks. If Jonathon is to control the family fortune, he also must take some serious risks—particularly financial ones—or the money will pass to Felicia Wart, Uncle Wart’s greedy and coniving daughter.
So Jonathon, aided by his faithful tutor, Emma Wang (and hindered somewhat by his scatter-brained little sister Lizzie), takes up the challenge by traveling to South Africa to acquire an old diamond mine, which is thought to be “cursed” and hasn’t been worked for decades. Nevertheless, Jonathon is convinced that, no matter how risky, it’s a great investment.
When Jonathon, Emma and Lizzie make it to the mine site, things don’t initially look very promising. But they look even worse when it turns out that the jealous Felicia and Jonathon’s unscrupulous financial adviser Mr. Thumbs are plotting against them. Will Jonathon’s big gamble pay off and can Jonathon and Lizzie save the day? Or will Felicia and Mr. Thumbs wrestle Uncle Wart’s fortune from them?

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