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Suppose you were starving and you sat down to enjoy a well-planned, nourishing meal. But, just as you begin to eat, someone rushes by and snatches your food away and tells you that you cannot have any more. What would you think of this food-snatcher?

This is exactly what you do to yourself when you take shallow breaths of air as most people do. Often, we use only one-fourth to one-half of our lung capacity with each breath. This starves our bodies much like we are depriving it of food. We are slowly robbing our bodies on its most vital, invisible nourishment -- oxygen.

Written by the father and daughter team of Drs. Patricia and Paul C. Bragg, this book shows how to breathe in a way that replentishes the body with oxygen and other critical components.

"The more effectively we breathe the more effectively we live," wrote the authors. "Super Power Breathing can make your life-force stronger, calmer and smarter."

Some of the benefits of Super Power Breathing include: increased oxygen intake; stress relief; emotional balance; overall relaxation combined with increased mental sharpness, creativity and oxygenation of the blood, tissues, muscles and organs.

This book takes you through all the benefits of proper breathing, shows you how to do it, and can change your life simply by showing you how to do something as simple as -- breathing!

Published: Patricia Bragg and Paul Bragg on
ISBN: 0877901201
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Super Power Breathing for Super Health - Patricia Bragg and Paul Bragg

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Praises for This Super Power Breathing Book and The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle

These are just a few of the thousands of testimonials we receive yearly, praising The Bragg Health Books for the super health and rejuvenation benefits they reap physically, mentally and spiritually. We look forward to hearing from you also, soon.

Thanks to Paul Bragg and the Bragg Health Books, my years of asthma were cured in only one month with The Bragg Breathing and Miracle of Fasting Books and Bragg Healthy Lifestyle Living! – Paul Wenner, Gardenburger Creator -

When I was a young gymnastics coach at Stanford University, Paul Braggs words and example inspired me to live a healthy lifestyle. I was twenty-three then; now I am over sixty, and my health serves as a living testimonial to Braggs health wisdom, carried on by his dedicated health crusading daughter, Patricia. Thank you! – Dan Millman, Author The Way of the Peaceful Warrior -

Paul Bragg saved my life at age 15 when I attended the Bragg Health Crusade in Oakland, California. I thank Bragg Healthy Lifestyle for my long, healthy, active life spreading health and fitness. – Jack LaLanne, Bragg follower since 15

As a youth I had a learning disability and was told I would never read, write or communicate normally. At 14 I dropped out of school and at 17 ended up in Hawaii surfing. My road to recovery led me to Paul Bragg who changed my life by giving me one simple affirmation to repeat: I am a genius and I apply my wisdom. Paul Bragg inspired me to go back to school and get my education and from there miracles happened. I have authored 54 training programs and 14 books and love to crusade around the world thanks to Paul Bragg. – Dr. John Demartini, Dynamic Crusader Star in The Secret –

Bragg Super Power Breathing makes the weak strong and helps make athletes olympic winning champions. – Bob Anderson, famous stretching coach

Just by paying attention to breathing, you can access new levels of health and relaxation that will benefit every area of your life. – Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Thanks to the ageless Bragg Health Books, they were our introduction to healthy living. We are very grateful to you and your father. – Marilyn Diamond, Co-Author Fit For Life

Bragg Healthy Lifestyle, Breathing, vinegar drink and brisk walking (3x daily) for 20 minutes after meals, helped eliminate my diabetes! My whole body, circulation, feet and eyes have all improved. Thank you, may God continue to bless your Crusade. – John Risk, California

The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle, the vinegar drink and fasting has changed my life! I lost weight and my energy levels went through the roof. I look forward to my fasting days. I think better and am a better husband and father. Thank you Patricia and Paul, this has been a great blessing in my life. Also, we enjoyed your health sharing at our AOL Conference. – Byron H. Elton, VP Entertainment, Time Warner AOL

For over 35 years I've followed Bragg Healthy Lifestyle - It teaches you how to take control of your health and build a healthy future. – Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Producer, Chicken Soup for Soul Series

I met Paul Bragg on April 6, 1964 at the famous L Street Beach in Boston. We became instant friends. The following day he introduced me to his daughter Patricia. We have been friends ever since. Both Paul and Patricia have always been health inspirations to millions around the world, but especially to me! I gave my first public lecture with Paul and Patricia in April of 64, I was 22 then. Now over 63. Paul was always dynamic, energetic and a life-changer! Patricia has continued the Bragg Crusades and has more energy than any 3 people I know put together. – Dr. David Carmos, Co-Author with Dr. Shawn Miller You're Never Too Old To Become Young -

Thank you Patricia for our first meeting in London in 1968. You gave me your Fasting Book, it got me exercising, brisk walking and eating more wisely. You were a blessing God-sent. – Rev. Billy Graham

Bragg Books were my conversion to the healthy way. – James Balch, M.D., Co-Author Prescription for Nutritional Healing

Improper breathing is a common cause of ill health. Changing your breathing patterns can affect and improve you mentally, emotionally and physically. – Andrew Weil, M.D.

How I beat cancer, obesity, diabetes, strep and three herniated disks and excruciating pain? The answer was changing to the Braggs Healthy Lifestyle and doing the Super Power Breathing Exercises. It changed and saved my life! I had full recovery and also lost 70 lbs. I received a new life and that is just the beginning because my manhood returned that was lost to diabetes now that's exciting! On my trip to Honolulu, I visited the famous free Bragg Exercise Class at Waikiki Beach. I became so regenerated with a wonderful new viewpoint towards living the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle that I now live in Hawaii. I'm invigorated with new energy for life and living! My new purpose for living is to help others reclaim their health rights! I want the world to join The Bragg Health Crusade. I am deeply thankful to Paul and Patricia for my new healthy life! – Len Schneider, Honolulu, Hawaii

Thank you Paul and Patricia Bragg for my simple, easy to follow Healthy Lifestyle. You make my days healthy! – Clint Eastwood, Academy Award Winning Film Producer, Director, Actor and Bragg follower for over 55 years

I've experienced a beautiful, remarkable, spiritual and physical awakening since reading Bragg Books. I'll never be the same again. – Sandy Tuttle, Painesville, Ohio

Daily we get letters at our Santa Barbara headquarters. We would love to hear from you on any blessings, healings and impact on your life you experienced after following The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle. It's all within your grasp to be in top health! By following this book, you can reap Super Health and a happy, long, vital life! It's never too late to begin see page 161-162, the study they did with people in their 80s and 90s and the amazing results that were obtained! You can receive miracles with nutrition, exercise and some fasting! Start now!

Daily our prayers & love go out to you, your heart, mind & soul.

Bragg Photo Gallery


Life Extension Specialist and

Originator of Health Food Stores

Paul Bragg, Creator of Health Food Stores, with his prize student Jack LaLanne, who thanks Bragg for saving his life at 15.

Thanks for The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle that you shared with me and are sharing with millions of others world-wide. – John Gray, Ph.D., Author

Actress Donna Reed saying Health First with Paul Bragg

In Medical School I read Dr. Bragg's Health Books, they changed my way of thinking & the path of my life. I founded Omega Institute. – Stephan Rechtschaffen, M.D. - - famous since 1977

Thanks to Paul Bragg & Daughter Patricia for my easy-to-follow Health Program. You make my days healthy. – Clint Eastwood - Bragg Follower over 55 years

Paul Bragg with Actress Gloria Swanson who became a Bragg devotee when 18. She often health crusaded with Bragg.

I'd like to thank you for teaching me how to take control of my health! I lost 55 pounds and I feel great! Bragg books have showed me vitality, happiness and being close to Mother Nature. You both are real Crusaders for Health for the World. Thanks. – Leonard Amato

I lost 102 lbs. with Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar and The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle and have kept it off for over 15 years, staying away from white flour, sugar and processed foods. – Dee McCaffrey, Chemist & Diet Counselor, Tempe, Arizona

Paul Bragg with Duke Kahanamoku, the Olympic swimmer who taught Paul how to surf. His beautiful wife Nadine was Patricia's godmother.


The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle teaches us all to be healthy, fit and ageless. – Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Producer Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

Paul Bragg owes his powerful body and superb health to living exclusively on live, vital, healthy, organic rich foods.

Paul Bragg in Tahiti (1925) gathering tropical papaya fruit.

Paul C. Bragg and daughter Patricia were my early guiding inspiration to my health education and health career. – Jeffery Bland, Ph.D., Famous Food Scientist

Bernarr Macfadden & Paul Bragg

A thousand happy Bragg Health Students enjoy hiking, exercise and fresh air on the trail to Mount Hollywood (above Griffith Observatory) in beautiful California, summer of 1932.

Paul C. Bragg at Regent's Park, London


Patricia and father, Paul on world trip in 1950's, during stop in Tahiti.

During the 40-plus years Patricia worked with her father, she was right there beside him, assisting him on the Bragg Health Crusades world-wide. They were a team, when you looked at them, you would see only two people headed in the same direction.

Our lives have completely turned around! Our family is feeling so very healthy, we must tell you about it. – Gene & Joan Zollner, parents of 11, Washington

Paul C. Bragg with daughter, celebrating here over 50 years of Bragg Health Products, Books & Crusading world-wide, spreading Health around the world.

Paul & daughter Patricia, Royal Hawaiian, Honolulu


Patricia Bragg with Bill Galt inspired by Bragg Books and founded Good Earth Restaurants

Patricia Bragg with Actress Jane Russell.

Jack LaLanne with Patricia Bragg

Patricia with Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Explorer & Environmentalist

Patricia in studio with famous Beach Boy Bruce Johnson, Bragg follower over 30 years. He played for her his latest records.

Dear Friends you cannot know how greatly you have already impacted my life and some of my friends! We love your Bragg Health Books, teachings and products and are now living healthy, happy lives. Thanks! – Winnie Brown, Arizona


Patricia with Jay Robb

Paul C. Bragg on Merv Griffin Show, 1976

Paul Bragg inspired me many years ago with the Miracle of Fasting and with his philosophy on health. His daughter Patricia is a testament to the ageless value of living the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle, – Jay Robb, author of The Fruit Flush

Patricia with Arthur Godfrey

Amazing Duggar Family 19 Kids and Counting are big Bragg Fans. Their family relationship is based on respect, love, and Christian family values. We are thrilled the entire Duggar family loves Bragg Liquid Aminos & Apple Cider Vinegar.

Paul Bragg and Donna Douglas, one Hollywood's most beautiful, talented and best Health Girls. She played the part of Elly-May in the Beverly Hillbillies, which became one of the longest running series in television history and was the #1 show in America in its first 2 years.

Paul Bragg with Maureen O'Hara, Irish film actress and singer. She was best noted for playing passionate heroines with a highly sensible attitude.

Paul with Actress Jane Wyatt, Emmy award-winning American actress. She is best remembered for her roles in the 1937 film, Lost Horizon and the popular TV series Father Knows Best.

Paul Bragg with James Cagney, American film actor. He won major awards for a wide variety of roles.The American Film institute ranked him 8th among the Greatest Male Stars of All Time.

Paul C. Bragg with Gary Cooper, famous American film actor, best known for his many Western films.

Cloris Leachman on Dancing with the Stars Show

Famous Hollywood Actress Cloris Leachman, who sparkles with health, says, Bragg Fasting is simply wonderful. It is my solution to many problems. It is a miracle cure for sure . . . it cured my asthma. I praise Paul and Patricia Bragg daily for their Health Crusading!

Paul with Mikey Rooney, American film actor and entertainer. He has won multiple awards and has had one of the longest careers of any actor!

Patricia with Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, celebrating over 40 years since pilot of Apollo 11 first landed on the moon.

Kindness is a frame of mind in which we are alert to every chance: to do, to improve, to give, to share and to cheer. Patricia Bragg

Patricia with Jack Canfield, Bragg follower, Motivational Speaker and Co-Producer of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

I am a big fan of Paul Bragg. I fast and use the Bragg Aminos daily on my food. I even take it with me when I travel for my seminars, I wouldn't be without it! The world and I are blessed with the health teachings of Paul and Patricia Bragg! – Anthony Tony Robbins

Decades of Amazement as Life Rolls By

Where did our years go? They went by so fast.

When were young they seem to cra-a-wl,

With each decade, they fly past!

At 29 were the center; At 30 we feel supreme.

But 40 strikes terror; Life's not what it seems.

By 50 we've reached maturity; At 60 we accept seniority.

When were filled with excitement of creative living,

There's no room for depression and despair!

But at 65, wisdom that comes from experience

Then takes over and we learn to accept ourselves as we are.

Each new day is a gift to be treasured, Enabling us to go far!

At 75, life is for the living

But it is through our sharing, loving and giving

that we reach the Stars of Joy, Peace

and the Possibilities of Eternity!

by Ruth Lubin, 88 years young & going strong, who started writing poetry & sculpturing at 80! PS: Ruth is a fan of the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle for over 58 years!


Promise yourself to be so

strong that nothing can disturb

your peace of mind.

To talk health, happiness

and prosperity to every

person you meet.

To make your friends feel that

they are special & appreciated.|

To look at the sunny side of

everything & make your

desires come true.

To think only of the best,

to work only for the best

and expect only the best.

To be just as enthusiastic

about the success of others

as you are about your own.

To forget the mistakes of the

past and press on to the greater

achievements of the future.

To be too large for worry,

too noble for anger, too strong

for fear & too happy to permit

the presence of trouble.

To give so much time to

improving yourself that

you have no time and

no desire to criticize others.

To wear a cheerful expression

at all times and give a smile to

every living creature you meet.

– Christian D. Larson

(Science of Mind Magazine)

Author & Inspirational Leader


With Your Support

The Bragg Health Crusades

Can Continue to Spread

Paul C. Bragg's Teachings

For over 80 years we have been sharing Paul C. Bragg's teachings on healthy living worldwide! Millions have followed the Bragg Healthy Lifestyle principles and their lives have been changed forever! Everyday people send us letters, e-mails and call, saying Paul Bragg saved my life!

Former U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. C. Everett Koop said Paul Bragg did more for the Health of America than any one person he knew of.

OUR MISSION: To spread health worldwide and inspire youth and people of all ages to achieve optimal health physically, mentally and spiritually and live long, productive, caring, happy lives.

If your life has been touched and helped by Bragg Health Teachings, please help us carry on the Bragg Legacy into this 21st Century and beyond. Your tax deductible donation to the Bragg Health Institute will support our mission to continue the Bragg Message of Health worldwide and inspire future generations.

The non-profit and philanthropic work of the Bragg Health Institute funds The Bragg Health Crusades, community health, school health education, lectures, seminars, and publications on healthy living. The Institute conducts health outreach to youth in schools, organic gardening teaching programs, and helps sponsor health science research and provides scholarships to worthy students pursuing the natural health science professions.

Please join us in sharing

The Bragg Health Legacy!

Paul C. Bragg, ND, PhD.

Originator of Health Stores Life Extension Specialist Health Crusader to the World

Bragg Outreach to Schools

Organic Gardening Teaching Programs

Bragg Scholarships

Patricia Bragg lecturing

at Bragg Health Seminars



The Bragg Health Institute is located on a beautiful 120 acre Campus and Organic Farm on the coast of Santa Barbara, California. Patricia Bragg and the Directors of Bragg Health Institute have designated this as the future site of the greatest living tribute to the life of Paul C. Bragg. The new Bragg Health Institute will become a world center for organic and healthy lifestyle education and research. (See our Mission, Purpose and Vision for the Future video on

You can also be part of Paul Bragg's lasting legacy by having your name permanently inscribed upon one of the educational nature walks or inspirational walls that will enhance the natural beauty of the Bragg Health Institute Campus and Organic Farm. Or you may want to have your name inscribed in the Grand Entrance or one of the rooms in the Bragg Memorial Library or Health Education Center. Your name can be part of your own legacy, as you will be recognized for generations to come as a great Health Crusader because of your financial support of these wonderful health projects. When thousands of visitors see your name each year, they will know that you helped make a difference in the world.