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Grizzly African Adventure

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Grizzly African Adventure has a first grade readability level and may be read to the very young and young of heart. It is a children's picture book, written in poetic verse, and illustrated by photographs of stuffed teddy bears in action - sailing, hiking, running, climbing, and swinging from a tree.

Two stuffed grizzly bear brothers, Eddie Bear and De Roy Bear, go to Africa for different reasons. De Roy wants to trap lions. Eddie Bear wants to share God’s peace, love, and prayer, with other bears in Africa.

A lion attacks De Roy and Eddie when they arrive in Africa. Will Eddie and De Roy's dreams come true? Will De Roy catch his lion? Will Eddie share God's love? Or, will they become brunch?

The book begins with the author’s invitation:

"When I was young,
I played with bears often.
and they acted out stories
as I would tell them.

They were my friends.
I taught them to talk,
and took their photographs
after I trained them to walk.

So I took my Mama's old, grey, burnt, grits pot
a camera, a boat,
and some yellow rope,
and directed my bears
to act out this story I wrote.

Then I pasted their photographs,
with my story in a book.
Now I invite you to read it,
so please take a look."

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